Repair, maintenance and testing

We provide national and international services offering a wide selection of spare parts, guaranteeing an optimum price-quality ratio and short delivery times.

Overhaul of diesel and gas engines

Diesel and gas engines Overhaul.
Preventive and corrective maintenance in power plants.
We carry out repairs on board, in shipyard or in our facilities.

Repair and calibration of injection equipment

Injectors and injection pumps repair.
Ultrasonic cleaning of injection components.


Hydraulic testing

We have equipment to perform hydraulic testings with calibration certificate for air coolers, cylinder heads and heaters.


Ultrasound cleaning

We have two ultrasonic tanks with maximum dimensions of 1,800 x 700 x 1,200mm, and can perform cleanings both acidic and basic medium.


Honing cylinder liners

We have equipment for honing of cylinder liners up to 750mm. diameter.
All work is performed taking care of the technical instructions of the engine manufacturer.
Verification of final measures and surface roughness.

Reconditioning of cylinder covers.

We provide reconditioning service of all types of cylinder heads for four-stroke engines, especially DEUTZ-MWM and WARTSILA.
All work is done in workshop following the manufacturer’s specifications.
We can insert refrigerated over size valve seat in situ from 60 to 200 millimeters of diameter.


Surface grinding

Surface grinding of engine block, cylinder heads, cylinder liners. Maximum capacity 700 mm diameter.


Diesel engines diagnosis

We have verification and diagnosis devices for diesel engines.
Technical reports of the engine’s general condition